A Cooperation with STIHL – STIHL Timbersprts World Championship 2018

The world´s best timbersports athletes competed at the World Championship in England these days. With Laurence O´Toole, an Australian won this top-notch event for the very first time. He was able to defeat record-champion Jason Wynyard and snatch the crown away from the New Zealander.

This year, the Echo Arena in Liverpool was the venue for this unique sports event. The best timbersports athletes from around the globe were hacking and sawing at lightning speed. At the end, Lawrence O´Toole made it. The 36-year-old guy from Down Under was simply unbeatable, Matt Cogar (USA) and Martin Komarek (Czech Republic) came up 2nd and 3rd.

And as every year before, Jacques Lemans was sponsor and official timekeeper for this amazing event as prominently put into the spotlight as possible.

„We have been partner of the STIHL Timbersports series for quite a while and we have seen lots of really fantastic competitions. But it has never been as exciting as it was this year, it was really awesome!“ Alfred Riedl, CEO and owner of Jacques Lemans happily explained.

For a couple of years now, Jacques Lemans has been cooperating with the German STIHL Group for the Timbersports series, an overall highly professional and successful partnership. „This cooperation is really great“, Jacques Lemans – Owner Alfred Riedl explains and adds „I am very proud to be part of this worldwide event-tour, STIHL is a brand with an extremely high brand awareness and with an extensive target group, so we benefit lots from that.“ When „STIHL Timbersports“ is on tour, Jacques Lemans is prominently featured all over the place. The world´s best Timbersports Champions are competing in various disciplines like Springboard, Standing Block Chop, Single Buck, Underhand Chop as well as Hot Saw. These competitons are not only a crowd-puller on site but also draw an audience of millions in front of their TVs when the shows are broadcasted on Sports Channels worldwide.