JACQUES LEMANS has always time for the good cause!

A few days ago, the gala “Wider die Gewalt” took place in the famous Viennese Ronacher Theater. As in recent years, Jacques Lemans was on board as a partner and supported this project with valuable timepieces.

Jacques Lemans successfully proves that the world-renowned Austrian company has not only been able to produce beautiful watches for over 40 years, but also supports social initiatives in Austria with great commitment and passion.

This year, Alfred Riedl once again provided exclusive Jacques Lemans watches, which were perfectly put into the limelight by the two hosts, ex-Dancing star Alfons Haider and TV host Johanna Setzer. But not only Haider and Setzer were enthusiastic about the exclusive timepieces, also stars like André Heller or Semino Rossi were very impressed by Jacques Lemans‘ watches.

“It has been very important for us for many years to support charitable causes”, explains Jacques Lemans owner Alfred Riedl “We have been helping Marika Lichter and her initiative for a long time. It is admirable what she made of this initially small event. We are proud to be partners of this gala. ”

The host duo led the fun-hearted evening, after performances of shooting star Josh, singer Ina Regen and a cabaret by Andreas Vitasek, the “Wider die Gewalt Award 2018” was awarded to singer Semino Rossi.

“A splendid gala for the good cause, and besides the award our watches were the object of desire, what more could you ask for?” laughs Alfred Riedl and adds “We are sure to be back again next year. Social commitment is an essential part of our corporate philosophy . ”

Image Source: Gemeinnütziger Verein – Wider die Gewalt/APA-Fotoservice/Tanzer Photographer: Richard Tanzer