Taggenbrunn Vinery as TV set for popular docusoap

Taggenbrunn Castle, a gorgeous landmark in the St. Veit area, is already well known in Carinthia. But recently the estate was picked by one of Europe´s most influential private TV stations „SAT 1“ as the set for the extremely popular TV show „The biggest Loser“. Today was the shooting and the whole crew as well as the participants of the show were simply amazed by the stunning scenery.

The episode will be aired on TV beginning of March and as it´s the semifinals, SAT 1 is expecting more than 1 million viewers, mainly from Germany and Austria. A positive sideeffect: the footage will show the impressive landscape, so an impact on Carinthian tourism can be expected.

„The biggest Loser“ is a docusoap, produced by SAT 1, one of Europe´s most important TV stations. The participants are all overweight and shall lose their kilos during the epiosodes, competing who is losing most. Finally the winner is raking in 25.000 Euro and gets some kind of reality-star fame.