Jacques Lemans
Leather Bracelet

59,90 €

    59,90 €

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    Noble touch

    This simple leather bracelet in black is complemented by a noble chain and gives the wearer a subtle, stylish touch. The silver magnetic clasp allows for easy handling.

    Chain thickness 5x12
    Farbe Leder schwarz
    Item Type Bracelet
    Series Jacques Lemans Jewellery
    Material Echt Leder
    Chain Length 21
    Clasp Magnetverschluss
    Chain Length:



    Thanks to decades of experience with the production and distribution of finest men’s and women’s watches, Jacques Lemans has the highest standard of materials and service. Ongoing controls guarantee the highest quality for every watch. An open and trusting communication with our customers is the basis for the worldwide success of the company.



    Service oriented working is the top priority for our team. That is why our highly qualified watchmakers personally take care of repairs and services. The watches are repaired with utmost care and precision, even years after the purchase. This way we guarantee our customers pleasure with their Jacques Lemans watch for a long time.



    Jacques Lemans is an Austrian family business with its headquarters in Carinthia, Austria. The creation and conservation of regional jobs on fair terms is very important to the company. The unique watches are Designed in Austria and are therefore in line with the transparent and sustainable corporate structure of the family business.