Hybromatic Collection

Decades of experience in watchmaking make it possible for Jacques Lemans to revolutionize the world of automatic watches. Thanks to innovative technology the watches of the Hybromatic Collection combine the functionality of an automatic watch with the precision of a quartz watch. This way the natural arm movement of the wearer is enough to keep the watch moving. Together with the athletic and yet elegant design, the everyday life companions become true eye-catchers on the wrist. Discover the revolutionary world of the Hybromatic Collection.

Mann mit Jacques Lemans Hybromatic Herrenuhr

Athletic allrounder

These watches combine innovative technologies with a sportive design. The unique Hybromatic movement in combination with the athletic character of these everyday life companions turns them into extraordinary eyecatchers for the wrist. From high-quality silicon bands to watch bands made out of stainless steel, here everyone can find their perfect companion for every adventure.