Design Collection at Miss Austria Election 2019

New watches of the Design Collection as star guest at Miss Austria Election 2019!

Who's the fairest of them all? This year many beauties from Austria came up with this question again. Once again, the "Who's Who" of the fashion and design industry met at the Miss Austria 2019 election and enjoyed the stylish ambience of the Museum Angerlehner near Wels.

Miss Austria and Jacques Lemans

A very special highlight this year was the presentation of the new Design Collection by Jacques Lemans. For this purpose, a separate catwalk passage was added to the show, where the beauties in elegant black evening wear presented the colorful diversity of the new Design Collection. The guests as well as the women themselves were thrilled with the new watches.

Once again Jacques Lemans is up to date with this new design collection. The new watches are not only beautiful, they are also an expression of a sense of life.

A day full of memories

Photos provided by: Miss Austria Cooperation
Photos by: Andreas Tischler and Stefan Kokovic