Summer, sun and sunshine.

Summer is in full swing.
That means airy clothes, glowing colours, ice-cold drinks and lots and lots of sweating. One thing is clear, with the many heat records that have already happened so far, we will most definitely hear "36 degrees and it’s getting hotter” many times this season…
To make sure that we are perfectly styled during summer 2021, here are three top trends to follow this season.

Bright colours

The summer trend number one is all about colours. During the tough cold winter months, our bright accessories and clothes don’t have any space in our closet. During that season the motto is the darker the better. This, however, is very different for summer. For hot days the dull dark clothes get buried deep in the closet to make room for colourful and bright fashion.

Our brand ambassador Anna Gasser shows how colourful and vivid summer can be. Thanks to the bright blue top combined with the noticeable Jacques Lemans Design Collection watch in a glowing red her summer look turns into a breathtaking eyecatcher. And of course, an ice-cold drink must not be missed during a hot summer day.

Hats as far as the eyes can see

We simply cannot get rid of them. Hats are back in style this year. Denina Martin, a fashion blogger from Bulgaria, shows how a hat can be styled to achieve a perfect summer look. Hats are not only perfect fashion accessories, but they also help keep your head chill, which is an absolute must in summer. Together with a stylish Jacques lemans women’s watch, her summer outfit turns into a marvellous eye-catcher.

Airy summer dresses

An absolute must during hot days are airy summer clothes. Denina shows how a gorgeous maxi dress can become a fashion highlight. Soft materials that fall effortlessly provide coverage from UV rays and make for a perfect summer trend. That way you guarantee a stylish appearance even during boiling summer days. A Jacques Lemans women’s watchperfectly completes Denina's fashionable summer look.

With these chill summer trends, the hot season will become a stylish highlight.