Viennale 2023

In the bustling world of horology, where time is of the essence, Jacques Lemans has always under­stood the impor­tance of cherishing moments. It's not just about keeping time; it's about embra­cing the art, culture, and crea­tivity that make every second memorable.

In 2023, Jacques Lemans proudly announces its collabo­ration with the VIENNALE Film Festival, solidifying its com­mitment to cultural enrichment.

This partner­ship is a testament to our brand's dedi­cation to suppor­ting cultural acti­vities that enrich our lives and inspire our passions. As a brand, we firmly believe that suppor­ting VIENNALE Film Festival is a way of giving back to the com­munity that has embraced us for decades. It's about fostering crea­tivity, encouraging dialogues and promoting the arts.

For all our loyal customers and those who appre­ciate the finer things in life, we have sur­prises waiting for you during this festival season. Stay tuned to our home­page and social media, as we roll out exclu­sive offers and sele­ction of time­pieces that re­flect the spirit of the VIENNALE Film Festival.