For a sustainable future

Sustainability and environmentalism are terms that everyone knows of. Protecting the environment and responsibly using our resources should be something every business keeps in mind. Jacques Lemans wants to set an innovative and sustainable example for the future. With this thought in mind, the Austrian watch company created the Eco Power – Solar Collection, a watch collection that represents the unique beauty of nature by using natural materials.

It’s Time for a change.

The Eco Power – Solar Collection entirely stands for sustainability. All watches have a remarkable movement that is operated through solar power. They use the power of the sun as a resource-saving driving force and thus save on the use of environmentally harmful batteries. With the help of artificial and natural light, the watches perform as precise as with conventional batteries. This not only makes the watches sustainable but also precise and robust.

Eco Power – Solar Apple

Vegan AppleSkin, made of apple peels, is a sustainable alternative to conventional leather for the dial and watch bands. The innovative material is long-lasting and fully biodegradable.

Eco Power – Solar Wood

These watches are refined with wood and remind of the remarkable force of nature. The natural material is used for dials as well as inlays for metal bands. This way the uniqueness of these innovative watches is highlighted.

Eco Power – Solar Pearl

The Solar Pearl watches are refined with the astonishing natural product Mother-of-Pearls. With the help of this marvellous material, that is won from the depth of the sea, the watches enchant with their fabulous shimmer and charm. This way every watch becomes an extraordinary masterpiece.

Together we fight for the future of our planet.

The Eco Power – Solar Collection entirely stands for sustainability. Jacques Lemans sets a goal to make our world more environmentally friendly and creates a collection that is unique and natural.